Gene  Johns

MSgt, USAF Retired
Author, Poet, Song Writer
Nine-time Bowling Association Champion

1982 Georgia Scratch All-Events Bowling Champion
1983 West Virginia Scratch Doubles Bowling Champion
(with Gay Mills)

My Insignificant Thoughts

When the Grass Gets High
Joe Biden and the Border
     My View on Abortion
Flag Burning    The Problem with Public School Uniforms
At This Moment   Why I Don't Believe in God   I am a Conservative and an Atheist

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         Author of the following books:

Insignificant Thoughts           Things I've Written                      Gainsay         

Insignificant Thoughts: Essays about God & Religion

Things I've Written: Essays, short stories, Poems & Songs

Gainsay: This book is about why I believe a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason, is unconstitutional. 

Education: Community College of the Air Force Associate Degree in Personnel Administration; Air Force Senior NCO Academy; Air Force NCO Leadership School

Politics: Registered Republican: Libertarian-leaning on Social Issues & conservative on economic & military Issues. A huge fan of President Donald J Trump, and I will vote for him a 3rd time in 2024. 


Favorite Music: Real Country Music, 50's & 60's Pop/Rock n Roll

Hobbies/Passions: America, American Politics, Writing, Internet, Music, Movies, Storms, Travel,
Bowling (no longer active), Atheism 

Marksmanship: US Air Force certified expert with the M-16 rifle and the .38 caliber pistol

Websites: & Talk God USA

Bowling Achievements


Won more than twenty tournaments, including:
Two-time State Champion:  

- 1982 Georgia Scratch All-Events Champion
- 1983 West Virginia Scratch Doubles Champion (with Gary Mills)

Nine-time Association Champion:  

- 1978 Panama City (FL) Men's Bowling Association
   - Handicap Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)
   - Scratch Team Champion
   - Scratch All-Events Champion

- 1979 Panama City (FL) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Clarence Youngblood)

- 1983 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association   
   - Scratch Team Champion

- 1984 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Doubles Champion (with Gary Mills)

- 1985 Beckley (WV) Men's Bowling Association
   - Scratch Team Champion

- 1989 Tallahassee (FL) Men's Bowling Association 
   - Scratch Team Champion 


- High Games:  300 (4), 299 (2)
- High Series:   824, 801 (6 series in the 790s)
Highest League Average: 228 (05'-06'); 224 (07'-08')

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