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No one cares about what I think, but I offer to you for your consideration:
My Insignificant Thoughts

When the Grass Gets High      At this Moment, Where is God? 
Nothing    Joe Biden and the Border
       My View on Abortion
Flag Burning    The Problem with Public School Uniforms
Why I Don't Believe in God   I am a Conservative and an Atheist

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And these people can vote?  College Students

I support the Fair Tax plan. To learn about the Fair Tax plan, click here.

Country music has been hijacked by pop/hip-hop executives,
producers, and country music radio programmers. Read my thoughts
about modern-day country music by clicking on
"Off the Charts."

The Leaves of the Aspen

I invite you to listen to a song I wrote years ago.
A friend, Nancy Harvey, arranged the melody, did the vocals,
and played the guitar. To hear my song, click the link below
and then start the song. As the song plays, scroll down and follow
along with the words as Nancy sings The Leaves of the Aspen.

The Leaves of the Aspen

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Books by Gene Johns

Out of My Mind: This book reflects my thoughts about a long-time friendship, controversial issues, personal anecdotes, country music, a Presidential failure, reprimanding an activist, and my thoughts about God and religion.

Insignificant Thoughts: My Thoughts about God & Religion

Things I've Written: Essays, Short Stories, Poems

Gainsay: Why a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason is unconstitutional.

A Conversation About God and Religion: (co-written with David Bivens) Two friends, an atheist, and a Christian, exchange thoughts about God and religion. My other websites:   EssieCountry.com        Talk God USA

A special tribute to all veterans:

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