Gene  Johns

MSgt, USAF Retired
Two-time State Bowing Champion
Nine-time Bowling Association Champion

                                                   Author of the following books:

Insignificant Thoughts           Things I've Written                      Gainsay         

Insignificant Thoughts: Essays about God & Religion

Things I've Written: Essays, short stories, Poems & Songs

Gainsay: This book is about why I believe a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason, is unconstitutional. 

Politics: Registered Republican: Libertarian-leaning on social Issues & conservative on economic & military Issues


Favorite Music: Real Country Music, 50's & 60's Pop/Rock n Roll

Hobbies/Passions: America, American Politics, Writing, Internet, Webpages, Music, Movies, Storms, Travel, Bowling (no longer active)

Webpages: Talk God USA